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Dr. Richard DeLucia


Dr. Richard DeLucia

dr_de_lucia.JPGMy decision to enter the Chiropractic profession came rather early. I was 16 years old and fell from a tree injuring my neck and suffering with numbness into my arm and fingers. I was brought immediately to a Chiropractor that my mother was seeing for neck pain and headaches. Upon arriving at his office I was given a thorough exam and after was treated by the doctor. Immediately after the very first treatment the numbness was gone. I thought this was amazing, no medications and I was relieved of my symptoms after just one visit. I knew then that this was what I wanted to do, help people in pain find relief in a natural way. After graduating high school, determined to stick with my goal of becoming a chiropractor I finished my undergraduate studies and then went off to Chiropractic College at the University of Bridgeport. For the next four years I studied hard and graduated with my Doctorate of Chiropractic degree. I have now been practicing for over 11 years and still find the profession every bit exciting and rewarding as the first time I was treated.

My wife is a dancer and owns a dance studio in the area. I have treated her, my three children and many students of the studio over the years for various dance and non-dance related injuries with much success. I look forward to helping people of the community and offering them the benefits of chiropractic care.


Hicksville Chiropractor | Dr. Richard DeLucia. Dr. Brett Pastuch is a Hicksville Chiropractor.