Auto Injury?

  • Usually 100% covered for Chiropractic Care
  • Auto accidents sometimes cause problems that are not felt for days, months, or even years later. This is why anyone in an auto accident should have their spines examined, "pain or no pain" immediately.
  • Island Chiropractic specializes in auto injuries


Chiropractic is an excellent means of dealing with workers compensation issues. If there's an injury on the job and you've gone down the traditional medical road to be treated, it may be time to give chiropractic a try. Chiropractors are professionals at dealing with underlying issues that potentially could be missed by medical doctors. Locating the source of your injury could be the difference between fixing an issue and living with something for a long period of time.

In addition to being professionals at uncovering underlying issues, chiropractors handle the healing process without the need for addictive pain pills and potentially risky surgery. If you've been injured at work, make sure to go see a chiropractor for an initial consultation.

Getting into an accident can be one of the worst and most impactful events in a person's life. Many people who have experienced a crash deal with the monetary and emotional damage after an accident, as well as contending with physical pain. Although no one wants to have an accident, it is important to know how to best react in this situation. A visit to a chiropractor in Plainview at Island Chiropractic is always one of the first things you should do, as we specialize in treating many of the most common injuries related to traffic accidents and can help improve your quality of life efficiently and effectively.

How our chiropractor can help you

A chiropractor can treat whiplash, neck and back injuries, soft-tissue injuries, and acute or chronic pain. It is very common for people involved in a car accident to suffer neck and back pain as well as muscle stiffness. This discomfort, along with other injuries, can be a serious issue for long-term health.

The first step towards recovery from these injuries is to make an appointment with a chiropractor in Plainview. Our chiropractor, Dr. Brett Pastuch may want to take an x-ray to determine if there is any serious damage to the spinal cord.

Next, our chiropractor may ask you questions about your overall condition and perform a physical examination. For example, symptoms like headaches, pain, or general discomfort could be due to an injury to the cervical spine. Most people believe that whiplash injuries occur only during high-speed accidents, but a change in speed of only a few miles per hour during accidents can cause whiplash to occur.

Commonly experienced symptoms

Some people experience instant symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, headaches, shoulder pain, limited mobility, and more. Whiplash can also lead to minor back injuries, muscle damage, and ligament and disc problems. Other people may not feel serious injuries immediately and think they are only "hard" or "painful" after the accident, when serious injuries may occur.

If these problems are not treated, they can lead to serious health problems. In fact, you may not think that you were injured in a car accident and then you begin to feel discomfort or headaches a few months later. Therefore, you should always contact your chiropractor in Plainview for an examination, even if you do not believe your injury to be serious.

Our chiropractor in Plainview

A chiropractor can help to align the spine and help the body to start healing immediately. Chiropractors can help relieve pain via spinal adjustments, therapeutic exercise, and give lifestyle advice that can also help in the healing process. Because of this, it is important after an accident to take the initiative and visit your chiropractor in Plainview. With chiropractic help, you can begin to recover from a traumatic accident and embark on a path of full recovery.

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