Simply defined, cryotherapy refers to the use of freezing or near freezing temperatures to help in the treatment of conditions such as arthritis and muscle spasms. Cryotherapy is hardly a new treatment method, it has been around for decades, first discovered in 1978. To benefit from this treatment, you have to use the expertise of an experienced chiropractor. Island Chiropractic, with our talented chiropractor in Hicksville, can help you enjoy your cryotherapy session.

How is Cryotherapy Done

This involves applying cold to affected areas. The chiropractor will target specific areas of the body using a cryotherapy “wand.” With the help of our experienced chiropractor in Hicksville, you will get the most out of your cryotherapy session. By visiting Island Chiropractic today, you will be able to experience the benefits that cryotherapy has to offer.


                                                                                           The Benefits of Cryotherapy

  • Reduces Inflammation - by cooling your body, cryotherapy will help reduce inflammation caused by either a bruise, sprained ankle, or even a pinched nerve. The cooling achieved by cryotherapy will help stimulate your vagus nerve and, as a result, will reduce fatigue and anxiety.
  • It Enhances Recovery - this is the main reason as to why numerous athletes have been using cryotherapy for years. The extremely cold temperatures help in stimulating blood flow and increase the rate at which your body recovers. Cryotherapy has been known to help in eliminating muscle soreness.
  • Slows Aging - this is one of the most popular uses of cryotherapy. It will help increase the rate at which collagen is produced by your skin. This will reduce wrinkle appearance on your skin.
  • Boosts Metabolism and Energy - with every cryotherapy session, you will have the ability to burn 500 to 800 calories. This is because your body will utilize a lot of energy to try and regain its natural temperature. Since the body will produce catecholamines, you will have boosted energy levels.
  • Improve Your Immune System - in response to the rapid exposure to extremely cold temperatures, the hypothalamus will start anti-inflammatory processes in your body. Also, when your body gets exposed to extremely low temperatures, it will go into survival mode. This is a reaction that has been proven to cause a rapid boost in the immune system since the body defense mechanism takes over.

Cryotherapy will offer you the above health benefits and more. But only when it is done right. For the best chiropractor in Hicksville who can help you get the benefits we have already mentioned, contact Island Chiropractic today.

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