Deep Tissue Massage

Here at Island Chiropractic, we want to help make your healing process both a soothing and efficient. A deep tissue massage is a variation of typical massages that includes deep pressure and firm slow movements. Its purpose is to reach the musculoskeletal layer in your body. By reaching this deep layer of the muscle, massage therapists can slowly physically work out issues residing in this layer (like sprains, stiffness, soreness, and much more) to begin the healing process. Our chiropractor in Hicksville and massage therapy staff offer multiple different methods of massage therapy, including deep tissue massage options, to help you with your pain. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding the practice of deep tissue massages into your routine:

- Reduce chronic pain, reduces soreness, and breaks up scar tissue: Lactic acid is what makes your muscles sore. It builds up in the muscles with exercise or stress and causes painful lingering soreness. When getting a massage, the motions of pushing and pulling on the muscles release lactic acid into the body, freeing the muscles from the buildup. This is exceedingly useful for those suffering from conditions like fibromyalgia or arthritis.

- Improve blood pressure: A single 45 to 60 minute massage can decrease your systolic and diastolic blood pressure drastically, and keep it flowing as lymph fluid gets released into the bloodstream. 

- Stress relief: No matter the type of massage, we can all agree that they are very relaxing. Those who suffer through chronic stress or anxiety have to deal with the physical consequences like rigid shoulders, tension headaches, and tight muscles. The tension relief actions and soothing nature of massages are a set of double benefits for a single process.

Deep tissue massages are an easy and stress-free process that can replace the need for difficult surgeries or chronic pain. Our team includes a chiropractor in Hicksville and skilled massage therapists who can help you create a personalized plan that can stop your pain with ease. To schedule an appointment for a chiropractic massage or deep tissue massage, contact our office to learn about your options for treatment.

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