We now offer weight loss classes every month!

Take charge of your life!

This is not just a diet - it's a way to educate you in making the right lifestyle choices to help improve your health and well being!

Class program includes:

Weekly weigh-in, body fat analysis, body measurements week 1 and week 8, recipes, 30 day multi-vitamin, health journal, weekly updates, before and after pictures and much much more!

Example 8 Week Program:

Week 1: Cleaning Up Your Act

Week 2: Jump Start Your Success Detox

Week 3: Healthy Kitchen Basics

Week 4: Supplements & Organics

Week 5: Reading Labels

Week 6: Calorie is not a Calorie (Grains & Your Weight)

Week 7: Calorie is not a Calorie (Good Fats, Bad Fats)

Week 8: Stress & Weight Gain

My last 2 blood test my cholestrol is under 200 for first time in year at 164my triglyceride levels are at a all time low of 104 and my DIABETES IS GONE . i LOST 44 POUNDS SO FAR AND i AM STILL LOSSING, MY BLOOD PRESURE IS NORMAL AT 116/64 and i am not depressed for the first time since I came home from special forces combat in Vietnam.

What I liked about this program is that it is not a diet ,but a lifestyle.

-Professor Stephen G Marlow

"We are so Happy we did the weight loss plan in the office. It was not a diet !! It was great education of what to eat and we look forward to eating our healthy snacks.We have less joint pain and our blood pressure is better and we lost plenty of weight and inches."

-Tim and Karen Sorrentino

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