Dr. Jamie Wentz

“I discovered chiropractic when my sister was diagnosed with a severe scoliosis and was told she needed to wear a back brace 22 hours a day. Her back pain was indescribable and needed a pain relief that was natural and did not involve medication. Chiropractic allowed her to have a normal childhood, pain free and happy. Seeing the way this changed her life made me want to do this for as many people as I could.” 


Dr. Jamie Wentz is a December 2020 graduate of both her Doctor of
Chiropractic and Masters of Clinical Nutrition from New York
Chiropractic College. She graduated as the Senior Clerk of her clinic
experience, and received the Phillip G Striano Memorial Alumni
Award. She has an Advanced Certificate in Sport Science and Human
Performance, which she plans to utilize to further treat her patients.
Dr. Wentz also graduated from Adelphi University May 17’ with her
Bachelors in Biology. Dr. Wentz is a Long Island native excited to help
her patients relieve pain, rehabilitate and increase movement through
holistic care. When she is not treating patients, you will find her on
the beach or walking her dog Pedro.

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