Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation is an advanced chiropractic care method that involves sending electric currents through your muscles. The electric current will help stimulate muscle contraction, which can be useful in controlling pain, managing inflammation, and strengthening your muscles. Because this is an advanced chiropractic care method, it should be done by someone who knows what they’re doing. For the best chiropractor near Plainview, visit Island Chiropractic today.

How is Electrical Muscle Stimulation performed?

This procedure usually involves electrodes being placed on the affected area of your body. These electrodes are hooked up to a device known as the electric stimulation machine. The placement of these electrodes will depend on the reason why the chiropractor is using it.

Your chiropractor should adjust the electric stimulation machine until you experience some prickly sensation. The prickly sensation should be tolerable. It should not burn, stab, or sting you. The current from the machine shouldn’t cause involuntary muscle movement or what can be referred to as twitching. Island Chiropractic has proven to have the best chiropractors near Plainview, who will ensure that you receive all the benefits that electrical muscle stimulation has to offer.

Benefits of Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Promotes recovery - this procedure will help improve blood flow in your injured area. This will help speed up the healing process. If you have had an injury that keeps one of your body parts from moving, electrical muscle stimulation can help contract these muscles for you. Muscle contraction is essential for healing.

Prevent muscle atrophy - muscle atrophy can be defined as a decrease in muscle mass. This can occur after injury or due to other medical conditions. A good example of a medical condition that can lead to muscle atrophy is multiple sclerosis (MS). Through the low-level electrical current originating from the electrical stimulation machine, it will contract and stimulate weakened muscles. This will keep the muscles active even if the person doesn’t have the ability to activate them.

Encourages relaxation - by contracting your muscles, electrical muscle stimulation is known to produce the same level of relaxation that massage therapy produces. It causes your body to produces endorphins, which will improve your mood. Given that the procedure improves blood flow, it will relieve soreness from your muscles.

Improves motion range - if you are suffering from a reduced motion rage, you will benefit from electrical muscle stimulation. Just make sure you visit Island Chiropractic and work with our experienced chiropractor near Plainview. The electrical impulses applied will help in loosening tensed tendons and muscles. This ensures that your joints become more flexible. If your range of motion is reduced by joint inflammation, electrical muscle stimulation will improve the blood flow in the tissue and increase the rate at which the joint tissues heal.

Generate Energy for Your Muscle Activities - electrical muscle stimulation will help generate energy. The electrical impulses will stimulate the cell mitochondria to produce more energy. This energy will be used by the muscles for movements, growth, and healing.

If you’re interested in the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation and would like to meet with our chiropractor near Plainview, visiting Island Chiropractic can be the best decision you can make! If you’d like to experience great chiropractic care, make an appointment today!

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