Prenatal Massage

From sleepless nights to severe joint and back pain, pregnancy can be a real challenge for many expecting mothers. Dealing with these issues can be difficult, as options such as medication and surgery are often unavailable for pregnant women. One treatment option that is available, however, involves using massage therapy during pregnancy. Pregnancy massages are an effective and natural treatment option for reducing many symptoms of pregnancy discomfort. Here at Island Chiropractic, our team of professionals can provide our patients with a wide variety of different chiropractic services, one of which is pregnancy massages. For expecting mothers, massage therapy in Hicksville will contribute a variety of benefits that will support them throughout their entire pregnancy.


When it comes to prenatal care, there are many advantages to using pregnancy massages. Some of the primary benefits of massage therapy include the following:

  • Hormone regulation: Massage therapy in Hicksville can have a positive impact on hormone regulation for pregnant mothers. Pregnancy massages can decrease the hormones related to stress and depression. This hormone decrease has also been shown to lead to fewer birth complications down the line.
  • Reduced swelling and inflammation: Many expecting mothers will experience swelling throughout their joints. Pregnancy will often lead to increased blood pressure and reduced circulation, which produces joint inflammation.  Massage therapy will provide relief to these affected joints.
  • Diminished nerve pain: Many mothers will experience pain from their sciatic nerve at some point during their pregnancy. The pressure from the uterus will also put additional pressure on the leg muscles, eventually leading to nerve pain. Massage therapy during pregnancy will alleviate this pressure and eliminate the sciatic nerve pain.

Some of the more general benefits include:

  • Diminished back pain
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Headache elimination
  • Better and more consistent sleep
  • Reduced muscle tension

Potential risks:

Pregnancy massages are extremely safe. However, you should still speak to your doctor before going through the procedure. They will determine if massage therapy is right for you. You should avoid this procedure if you are in the first trimester, or if the pregnancy is high risk. You should also hold off on receiving massage therapy if you are experiencing vomiting or nausea.


Overall, massage therapy during pregnancy can provide a wide range of health benefits for expecting mothers.  From pain relief to better hormone regulation, pregnant massages can make a positive difference in reducing pregnancy discomfort. If you are looking for massage therapy in Hicksville, contact us today!

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