"Dear Dr. Brett, There are not enough words to thank you for your professional and personal commitment to results driven Chiropractic care! I have suffered from lower back pain and sciatica for over twenty years. Due to the fact I am unable to tolerate any pain medication I have always looked to Chiropractic for pain relief rather medications and or surgery. The very first Chiropractor I ever visited, like yourself, was very conscientious! Unfortunately she was also extremely progressive and exacerbated the situation, putting me in tremendous pain. Through personal references I began using another well known Chiropractor in the area. Although he was able to offer me relief, my back never felt stable. You, Dr. Brett, are an exceptional knowledgeable practitioner, whose craft of healing is both vocational and miraculous! Your knowledge of Chiropractic goes beyond what one can learn from text and time. Thank you again for your dedication and for giving me back a quality of life I thought I had lost forever." 

~P Clark Retired Literary Specialist NYC Dept. of Ed.


"I travel from queens for dr Brett because he is the best So worth the long trip"


“I went to Coney Island and walked for 2 hours non stop and did not have to sit down for the first time due to pain for years."
Thanks Dr Brett.

v_spoto.jpgI began seeing Dr. Brett back in January 2014 due to a neurological condition. At that time, the pain in my lower back was close to a 10 (on a scale of 1 thorough 10, with 10 being the worst). After seeing Dr. Brett weekly for about a month, my lower back pain significantly diminished to about a 5. At that point, I reduced my visits with Dr. Brett to every other week; I continued this routine throughout 2014. In 2015, I further reduced my visits with Dr. Brett to twice per month, and this is where things stand currently. Today, my lower back pain averages about a 2 (with it only reaching a 3 on rare occasions). And on some days, I have no back pain at all! I have made seeing Dr. Brett twice per month part of my normal routine, and at some point I hope to further reduce my chiropractic visits to one time per month.

Prior to seeing Dr. Brett I was never a big believer in chiropractic. That has all changed and I can now say that my visits with Dr. Brett have made all the difference! While I still face neurological challenges, I am delighted that back pain is something I no longer have to deal with. Thank you Dr. Brett for making a huge difference! To those of you, who like me, initially doubted the benefits of seeing a chiropractor, trust me when I tell you IT DOES MAKE A HUGE, POSITIVE DIFFERENCE! I have recommended Dr. Brett to several people now, and will continue doing so. Thanks again Dr. Brett!


Vincent Spoto

Patient of the month is Denise. She has terrible headaches for months which were causing her blindness in her left eye . She has been unable to work and has seen her MD for months. She started chiropractic at the office last week and for the first time has no headaches and she is starting to see out of her left eye,She plans on going back to work in a few weeks


"I had constant leg pain for 3 weeks that was not allowing me to do anything ,sleep, stand ,nothing without intense pain. I went to the MD with no relief. I had one treatment on the flexion -distraction table with Dr Brett and I felt some relief . After 3 treatment I am happy to say that I can sleep thru the night & bend over to put my socks on . Thanks DR Brett"


“I am so happy that I no longer have back pain when I run, I can enjoy running again & I find that I can put my socks on in the morning without a huge effect, thanks Dr Brett."

Claire Haines


"Howard had heart surgery and cancer treatment last month and he was not able to sleep or go to the bathroom due to his lower back pain. Howard said “After one treatment I was able to sleep like a baby last night and I went to the bathroom this morning without any problems. Thanks Dr. Brett“



“I was suffering from headaches and neck pressure during the first 6 months of my pregnancy. My OB/GYN suggested chiropractic which she said was safe and effective and I found Dr Brett. I am happy to report that after one treatment my headaches went away and after a few weeks I have no neck pain and I am now enjoying my pregnancy."

Kim Cordes


“I was told by two different medical doctors that I needed surgery for my herniated disc, and there was nothing else they could do. My friend told me about chiropractic and I found Dr Brett. I am happy to report that after two weeks I feel 100% better and I will not need surgery."

"Dr. Brett saves me from migraines!!! With regular adjustments, my chronic migraines have gone from 14 days a month to 1-2 TOPS!! Thank you for helping me get my life back!"

Maria Heenan


I am glad I took Dr. Brett's advise and came for my monthly adjustments. 4 snow storms in 2 weeks and I had no back pain after shoveling.

Mary Razzano


I am glad I did not wait for my pain to go away by itself I felt great right after the first treatment.
Thanks Dr Brett

Dr. Brett is a miracle worker, I know I came to right place and he is the right doctor for me.

Cathy Janelle

I had neck and lower back pain. The chiropractic is working and I feel much better. I like the hands on treatment and healing the body naturally

Karen DiMartino
Physician Assistant


When I get adjusted by Dr. Brett I feel light as a feather & all the tension gone and I leave the office feeling great !!!

Maria Filoteo


I was seeing Dr. Brett for back pain. I told him I had vertigo and he adjusted my neck and the vertigo was gone. I did not know he could fix my vertigo. Everyone with vertigo should know how awesome it is to have relief when nothing else works.


I am glad I told Dr Brett about my leg pain. I was going to see my MD, but mentioned to Dr Brett during my visit and 4 days later I felt great without any medication

Lyodd Poulson

"I had severe leg pain that my MD could not help for 3 weeks. I saw Dr Brett he explained to me that my leg pain was from a nerve in my lower back and that he could fix it now I feel great happy to be able to sit he was right thanks Dr Brett."

richard.jpgWhat were your health problems before visiting Island Chiropractic?

I had persistent pain in my lower back, buttocks, and legs. I had great difficulty walking and I could not play golf anymore.

How long did you have this condition?

Pain was slight several years ago and continuously increased.

What types of treatments did you try prior to visiting Island Chiropractic?

I had some chiropractic adjustments elsewhere. I was seriously considering surgery for my spinal stenosis.

What sets the doctors at Island Chiropractic apart from other health care professionals you have visited?

The doctors at Island Chiropractic have an unbelievable understanding of anatomy, and they understand what therapy to use to alleviate my pains. They are also very friendly and foster a relationship of true concern.

How has your health and performance changed since visiting Island Chiropractic?

I am back to playing golf again without pain. I also enjoy long walks with my dog now.

Would you recommend Island Chiropractic to others?

Without reservation.

Richard, 70, Retired

Richard receives regular chiropractic adjustments as well as soft tissue manipulation and personal training.


"I woke up with horrible neck pain and did what I have done in the past, I went straight to my orthopedic doctor. He prescribed me medications to numb the pain. The medications did not work very well. I decided to seek chiropractic care. Well, after my first visit at Island Chiropractic I feel amazing! My neck pain is not hardly what it was before. I feel great! Thanks Dr. Brett!"

Joan, Legal Secretary

Joan received chiropractic adjustments and muscle stim.

"I have suffered for headaches for as long as long as I can remember. No medication ever helped me, I was running out of options. After just two weeks of being treated here I Haven't had a headache at all!"


Jackie receives chiropractic adjustments and electric muscle stim.


"For two months I couldn't lift my arm and after one treatment with Dr. Brett I was able to lift my arm again and continued to make improvements with each visit."

Mike Barbuck


"I came to the office due to stiffness all over and I woke up every morning stiff and tight. After one treatment, I am sleeping better and wake up more refreshed than ever before. I have more range of motion, including in my shoulders which I didn't expect."

Michael LaMacchia


"When I first came to see Dr. Pastuch I couldn't stand for more than 15 minutes without being in pain. Now I don't even think about it. Thanks Dr. Brett!"

Barbara Windecker

Barbara received six treatments with the activator technique which is safe for all ages


"I wasn't able to play golf for months due to my back and neck pain. After only a few visits with Dr. Brett I was back to playing like nothing ever happened!"

Amyn Kajani

"I came to see dr Brett and I could not walk I left feeling great It is a miracle !!!"

Maria Schettino



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